Saturday, March 21, 2009


soo, its been awhile aku tk update my blog. yeaaa, ive been busy lately. i tell u. i haf to go to school during this hols. from 7.30 till 1. i haf my handball training. im getting darker day ny day ;D even mama cakap i look like indians -__- but, its worth it. i guess. at least i can see my LNHT. yeaaa. i haf a crush on this guy which i dun even realize from the beginning. this is not just a crush. this is CRUSH CRUSH. siham was jealous of me, bcs, she said that dia tk terbukak lansung pintu hati untuk suka dkt sape2. while i, felt stupid. bcs, he's someons boyfriend ;s i hate me.

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