Thursday, March 5, 2009

exams ;D

its been a while since i update my blog. it was crazy for the past couples of days. my exams just as bad as i thought. i got;

add math: 29%
ekonomi asas: 64%
english: 77%
akaun: 18% -__-"
bahasa melayu: 56%
agama: 64%

aha. like i said, BAD. i flunked so many subject till i said to myself, im stupid. but, kaka kept saying, relax ahh. baru first monthly test ;D

ouh yea,, lets just call this guy as 'N'. we've been lepaking together since yesterday and today while recess. somepeople thought we were an item. but, NO. we are NOT. actually, im a bit confused of myself. i dunno either i like him or not. but, i got jealous everytime i saw him talking to a girl. especially, our(mine and kaka's) BOHSIA, Miss L. i like him, i guess. but, i dunno, is it like more than a friend our nothing more. soo, help me peo (: thnks

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