Monday, March 9, 2009


Mr.N' s gf look almost like me! i couldnt believe my own eyes. dia pakai spek, well like me, alomst! ouhh yea, he has a gf. but, i dun give a damn about this things. i think i just wanna let go, and live my life ;) and i dun even think that im ready to be with another guy while im still hoping for my ex. isnt it? -.- fyi, kaka dah buat deal dgn aku. if i'll stay single till the end of this year, dia akn belanja aku starbucks. wehh, bukan senang kaka nk belanja orang wehh ;D aku akan buat dia menangis skt satrbucks tu. hehe. if only i saty single lahh kan kaka? hee. soo, ive been chatting with leny for the couple of day. gossip gossip ;) haha. nak klua dgn u lahh one day nnt. hehe. jgn lupa secret recipe u thu lenyy :D leny pun bg suppport dkt aku, hehe.

ps; i love you guys(:

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