Tuesday, February 24, 2009

selasa (:

nothing much happened at schl tdy. except dat we're having our monthly test (peo busy stdying while me, busy aeting ;D ). td, paper science and b. it wasnt dat easy. bt, i can manage. and not to mention, my MR.M talked to me ;) we sat o the same table (tym ujian rehat sama2). eheh, he kept looking at me. bcs im laughing without stopping and loudly. ouhh, he's adorable! (x and then he came to me and said, "sorry ahh. tkde crdt", i smiled ( i couldnt picture my feeling) , he smiled and he walked away, throwing the trash into the dustbin. ouh yea, i caught him looking at me, and then he made cute faces. i felt lyk jumping high too sky! haa, best je (x smbg balik, after he walked away, he came back and sit in front of me, talkinf to ayie. dah lah duduk sbelah kembar siam dia, si hunky Hazwan (; aku dgn kaka pggl they both, and they looked at us wit the same expresion, BLURR. it soo cute and made us laugh. because, they both look VERY alike. except dat, wan hunky, MR.M plak comel (note; MR.M and Wan tkde relation ape2 poon). they both smiled and look away. haa, lucky kina, sb dapat wan. and bcs of dis, im startinf to like exams and tests. so dat can see m MR.M slalu ;) PATHETIC, but dun care. and guess what, fr the frst tym, i saw nazri jdk bengong. haha. dia button baju dia smpi atas, and thn pki spek besar. ktorg tny dia, "u pehal? tak sehat ke?" and he said, "tak lahh. nmpk mcm budak pandai tak?" lepas thu, aku terus gelak. whle kaka jawab, "no. nmpk mcm budak bangang lagi adalah". haha. dan satu lagi kejutan budaya. kaka ajar siham physics siot! ;D jgn buat main. country shock lagi lahh -_-'

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