Saturday, February 28, 2009

the end.

i broke up wth faiz fr the past 3 days. it was hard for me. sbb, ktorg break up poon sbb benda bodoh. that, i'll keep it to myself. hm, tym break tkde lahh sedih gila babi smpi nak nanges. aku tahan air mata. i wouldnt let it drop. im a BIG ego. people told me so. the story started last night. i turn off all the light. and i keep the radio on, so i could listen to songs b4 i went to sleep. i was listening to and then, they played the broken string by James Morrison and Nelly Furtado. i listened and thn, my tears droped. i dunno for what reason. its PAIN. deep deep PAIN. oke,i admit it. I MISS HIM. eventho, there's not much memories between us. but, verythng about him yg buat aku nanges, and buat aku rindu. the smile, the laugh, the big hug, the voice, the way he walk, the cute faces. everything, it wasnt easy for me to forget every single thing about him. i dunno wethr he still love me or not, but, i do hoping , he still is. i kept telling his friend pasal my feeling. i jst couldnt do the day wthout him. i felt, EMPTY. and it wasnt smethng yang menyeronokkan. empty=pain. i kept thnkng about him, and i dun show dat to people. i jst want to keep it to myself. aku tanak tgk mcm im a major loser. aku tk pnh mcm neh b4. if aku dah break, i'll get over dlm masa bape minit je. and i wouldnt thnk bout him, still waiting and hoping. tp, faiz neh lain plak. aku tatau ape yang tak kena dgn aku. it doesnt seems rite. i hate this feeling.

p/s= faiz, i love you

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